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The meaning of each word is first explained in the form of a positive action which one can practice to become more positive in life. Each word is also explained in the form of a deeper thought, a slogan or a motto.

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Tackle: Tackle every task with gusto.

* To tackle is to begin and embark upon a task with enthusiasm.


Tact: Act with tact.

* To be tactful is to be considerate and polite.


Talent: Use your talents to accomplish worthwhile goals.

* A talent is a gift to be used for the good of mankind.


Teach: Teach others the fundamentals of good living.

* Teaching is the sharing of knowledge.


Temperance: Exercise temperance in your behaviour.

* Temperance is the avoidance of extremes.


Tender: Be tender towards those close to you.

* Tenderness is a manifestation of love.


A positive outlook is contagious!

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