I pledge that I will abide by the good basic values I have accepted.

Below are some examples of positive values and their explanations, as listed in The Positive Dictionary:

Aboveboard: Always plan and act aboveboard.

* To be aboveboard and open is to be honest in all respects.


Advance: Advance positive values in life.

* Advancing something positive spreads the benefits to others.


Allegiance: Demonstrate allegiance to your country.

* To have allegiance is to belong.


Can: Always believe that you can.

To believe that you can makes the impossible possible.


Conserve: Conserve that which will otherwise go to waste and destruction.

* Conserving is saving for future benefit.

There are many more words about values in The Positive Dictionary. In fact, every word listed in the book represents a positive value which can be applied in many aspects of life.

You will notice from the examples above that every word in The Positive Dictionary is explained in two lines. The first explanation is always in the form of a positive action or activity that can be practiced on a daily basis. For every word the second explanation is in the form of a basic truth, a positive thought, a motto or a slogan which can be followed in life.


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