A positive outlook on life

If you were searching for Outlook, the email program, it will be worth your while to take a few minutes and discover how you can benefit from another form of outlook, namely a positive outlook on life. Explore the links below and see how the book, The Positive Dictionary, will help you to develop a positive ourlook on life as well as a positive attitude towards life. It can change your life and lead to positive results in whatever you do.

There are two important components in life, namely our outlook on life and our attitude towards life.

Our outlook is how we see the world around us and how we interpret what we see.

When we have a negative outlook we see mostly problems, difficulties and threats. We see the dark side in everything. We stress and stress can turn into distress.

When we have a positive outlook on life we see opportunities instead of the problems. We see solutions when problems occur. We see the bright side in everything, even in negative situations.

A negative outlook wastes energy. A positive outlook creates energy.

I see this as a range from being very negative in our outlook to being very positive in our outlook. Each one of us is, on average, somewhere on that range in terms of our outlook in life.

My message is: There is always room to become more positive in our outlook on life. We can decide to become more positive in life. It is our choice.

There is a wonderful powerful saying: If it is to be, it is up to me.

Positive words

Positive words are very powerful to help us to become more positive in our outlook and in our actions and to handle negative situations. It is not only the words themselves. It is the deeper meanings of what they represent. I see positive words as my friends, my tools in life. I see them as anchors to handle negative situations.

On this website I use only words from my book, The Postive Dictionary. The book is a dictionary containing only positive words. I went through dictionaries and selected only words that to me had a positive meaning or even a positive feeling. Every word is concisely explained in the form of an action.

The concept in the book is to pick a positive word, put the word in the back of your mind and put the word into action. Practice the meaning of the word. The more we do it the more it will become a habit. In a negative situation an appropriate positive word in the back of the mind help us to overcome that negative situation.

The principle in the book is 'Positive words with positive action'. To me, to act, to do something is very important. Nothing happens without action.

Gary Player, the famous golfer, was asked what is the secret of his success. He simply said, 'The harder I practice, the luckier I get.

When we are positive the impossible becomes possible. Just imagine the possibilities.

The Positive Dictionary is an investment for a lifetime.

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