All the words in The Positive Dictionary are classified into fifteen categories of life in the Index in the back of the book.

These categories are the following:

Basic values, Spiritual values, Relationships, Goodness, Thinking, Enjoyment, Work, Effectiveness, Goals, Learning, Motivation, Health and Wellness, Community Service and a positive outlook on life.

This is very helpful in finding the right word or words for a specific situation when inspiration from The Positive Dictionary is needed.

Phil also felt that users of the book should have a commitment to practice the principles laid out in the book in order to become more positive in life. He then developed The Positive Pledge with which the user commits himself / herself to a positive approach to all fifteen categories of life, as laid out in the Index.

The Positive Pledge reads as follows:


I hereby pledge that I will:

* abide by the good values I have accepted;

* foster my spiritual life;

* be positive as a way of life;

* foster goodness;

* be pure and rational in my thinking;

* enjoy the many good things in life;

* care for my health and wellness;

* be courageous;

* be compassionate in my relationships;

* work diligently to get the best possible results;

* be effective in whatever I do;

* work to attain the goals I have set;

* continue to learn;

* and serve my community.

"Be positive in life and life will treat you positively."

Quote from The Positive Positive Dictionary.